Bali Illustration Workshop is brought to you by BATARI, a small arts enthusiast team consisting of husband and wife--Alejandro Mirabal and Putri Respati. The story began from a wild daydream of moving to the serene and inspiring city of Bali from the hectic capital city, Jakarta. They aspired to build a digital arts sanctuary in Bali, and soon realized that the silly idea was an actual possibility. As a digital illustrator, Alejandro is responsible for the workshop's curriculum, whereas Putri takes care of the rest. And voila....Bali Illustration Workshop was born! The couple is planning to launch their new initiative in the near future. So stay tune!

Putri Respati

Founder / Business Director

Alejandro has been drawing his whole life. In his younger years, he worked as a maritime archaeologist and dedicated himself to the preservation of underwater cultural heritage.

Although he never pursue any formal education in art and digital painting, he worked, practiced and developed his skills by consistently drawing, and continuously learning his crafts by taking critiques from the experts. More importantly, he’s got wonderful ideas and an absolute unwavering passion for all things creative done professionally and properly.

Right now he is enjoying his life as freelancer, which enables him to accompany his wife in Birmingham, UK before going back to his favorite things, freediving and playing video game in the island of God–BALI–with their two dogs

Putri is a resourceful leader with visible passion for new products and is an early adopter of new emerging technologies. A creative and innovative thinker, she is eager to quickly adapt and hustle to find ways to overcome any obstacle. Her specialties are developing new business strategies through extensive market analysis, and build new and improved methods for marketing product through various new and traditional forms of media.

She loves to learn new things, and is devoted to implement all the knowledge she has obtained to achieve maximum result.

Currently she undergoes career development program to obtain her MBA degree at the University of Birmingham.